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Livetext is the most natural way to have REAL conversations where users chat with friends by sharing video and text — but no sound. In order to connect with others on this video chat app, both users have to agree to become friends with each other. Once you’re connected, one of you can ask to start a Livetext session, then the video starts once the other user joins. (If your friend wants to Livetext and you’re not available to join till later, you’ll get each other’s text messages but no video.)

Download Livetext completely free from


  • FREE FOREVER –  You and your friends can live video text as much as you want! Livetext uses your internet connection (Wi-Fi when available and your cell connection otherwise.)
  • ONE-TO-ONE –  Not for group messaging, it’s like you’re passing notes in class.
  • TEXT + LIVE VIDEO – Both at the same time – it’s amazing.
  • NO CALLS – Just live video text your friends and you’ll see them instantly when they enter chat.
  • ADD FRIENDS – Use their Livetext ID or your address book contacts to connect.
  • PROFILE PICTURE – Use any image to show your friends who you are.

Screen Shots:

69284537_yahoo_livetext___1.jpg 69284541_yahoo_livetext___2.jpg 69284544_yahoo_livetext___3.jpg

Additional Information:

Offered By: Yahoo

Size: 15M

Current Version: Updated

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Download Apk File

Download from Google Play Store

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