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What if there was a home replacement app that actually predicted what apps and information you wanted before you picked up your Android device?

That’s the concept behind EverythingMe Launcher, a home replacement app that not only changes the functionality of your home screen to your liking, but also predicts the information, contacts, and apps you will need throughout the day. Additionally, this android launcher features ‘smart folders’ that will automatically organize apps based on your interests. It’s one of the smartest home replacement apps out there, and is certainly worth your time!

EverythingMe Launcher is free-to-download in


  • Smart Folders™ automatically organize your apps into folders you choose.
  • Quick Contacts Panel – Just swipe left to call or message your top contacts, automatically selected for you.
  • The Prediction Bar™ anticipates your needs and delivers the apps you need right now, according to your context.
  • Fastest Search on Android – Type just one letter to get apps, contacts or info.
  • Context Feed –Access your missed calls, recent photos, calendar and more with just one tap on your home screen.
  • Customizable Gestures will bring the features you love most the way you like them.
  • Lucky / Daily Wallpaper options surprise you with beautiful wallpapers on your phone.
  • Contextual App Discovery means no need to search through millions of apps in the store – your launcher will help you discover great matches for you.
  • Drag and drop any item right to your home screen or a Smart Folder, anytime.

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Additional Information:

Offered By: EverythingMe

Size: 7.90M

Current Version: Updated

Requires Android: 4.0 and up

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