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WiFiKill helps you to cut off or kill WiFi to devices connected to the same WiFi by taking control over the WiFi Network. It checks and grabs the devices and initiate the kill process. WiFiKill requires root access on your Android smartphone.


  • Once you downloaded the WiFiKill on the device it searches in the currently connected WiFi network and lists all devices in it.
  • Many network monitoring tools that are present on your PC or Laptop can track the download and upload limit so as WiFiKill, it shows the data transfer from the grabbed devices.
  • WiFi Grab – A rare feature on a smartphone WiFi app. It attaches to devices and checks out how they are communicating with the network i.e Manufacturer Name, IP address, Mac Address, Up and Down speed.
  • WiFi Kill – Once entered into to discovered device begin grab and then Kill process disconnects the devices from the WiFi.
  • WiFikill works well with tablets also.

How to Use?

1. Open the WiFiKill APK on your rooted android smartphone.

Download WiFiKill Free APK

2. Tap on the Play ► button.

Download WiFiKill Free APK

3. Grant Root permission for the WiFi Kill app.

Download WiFiKill Free APK

4. List of devices connected to the WiFi network is displayed.

5. Tap on Grab all button in the button to attach to all devices.

6. Here is the fun part, Start Killing all the devices using Kill all button.

Additional Information:

Offered By: WiFiKill

File Format: APK

Size: 473KB

Current Version: 2.3.2


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