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WhatsDog lets you catch him/her online on WhatsApp and he/she is not going to notice that is under surveillance. With this tool, you’ll be able to spy on any WhatsApp number you want.

WhatsDog can ALWAYS see the WhatsApp last seen time, even if your contact has that option disabled. It doesn’t mind if your contact has an iPhone or he/she blocked you, WhatsDog can supervise everything.

You choose who you want to monitor: a friend, your partner, a relative… anybody. Moreover, WhatsDog will show you a list of the connections and logouts hours to WhatsApp of that contact.

With WhatsDog’s calendar, you’ll be able to track everything and you’ll have all the data searchable (previous days connections, number and length of connections).


  • No more excuses!
  • Because your boyfriend/girlfriend won’t be able to lie anymore!
  • Because you will be capable of monitoring if he/she went out yesterday!
  • Because you’ll be alert: you’ll know when WhatsApp is opened by your contact!

Additional Information:

Offered By: Second Lemon

File Format: APK

Size: 21.2M

Current Version: 5.00

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