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Animania is the best anime app for Android. It is a native and awesome app, specially designed and crafted to watch anime at ease.


  • Keep Track Of Your Daily Activity – An integrated smart-ass system allows you to keep track of everything you’ve seen with a simple press of a button.
  • Stay Organized With Favorites – No need to search any longer, adding something to your favorites provides easy and instant access.
  • CHATMANIA – A cross-application community tool that allows you to talk, discuss or have fun with other users.
  • Share With Friends – Take a minute of your time to invite other friends and enjoy the apps together.

Screen Shots:

83215545_app_icon.png 83215532_11760236_45451827139.png 83215531_1936010_169702625390.png 83215530_1557547_365201276986.png 83215535_12631514_89902729686.png 83215540_12734019_10491016284.png

Additional Information:

Offered By: GoMobile

File Format: APK

Size: 9.6M

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