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Desire is a popular couple app that lets you play with that special person in your life you love. Basically It’s a game for two, perfect for both long-term relationship and new couples. If you are dating, married or crazy in love, Desire keeps that sweet romance with your other half and adds even more spice and fun to your partner.

Unlike other kamasutra or sex games for couples, Desire emphasizes romance and intimacy in a new way.


  • Compete against your partner!
  • Dare Your Partner – You get to choose from hundreds of dares. We upload new dares in a daily base, so you’ll always have new ideas to play.
  • Send your favorite dare from any predefined category: Love sensations, Roleplay and fantasy, Dress code, Bath time, Under my thumb, kamasutra and much more!
  • Are you feeling creative? You can also write your own dares and decide how many points it deserves.
  • Each dare has a number of points to earn. If your partner accepts the dare and does it, then he/she gets the points.
  • Receive dares from your partner and decide if you accept it or decline it. If you accept it and do it, you get points!
  • Points will let you reach new levels in the game and unlock the hottest challenges.
  • What other things does the sex game for couples have? A foreplay for couples.
  • You can send Quickies! Shake your phone and shorts messages will appear, choose the message you want to send to your love.
  • Badges – You will earn badges on your way. Ready to play with your love and start collecting badges?
  • You can unlock some special categories with magic coins! For example: Bath time, board and card games, etc.
  • Daily Dare – everyday you’ll have a new dare that only can be send this day.

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Additional Information:

Offered By: Desire42

File Format: APK

Size: 7.8M

Current Version: 2.15 (April 30, 2016)

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Content Source: Google Play

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